Israel has a technology that can replace antibiotics


Scientists from Israel invented how to eliminate bad bacteria with toxins. This treatment strategy can be a very promising alternative to antibiotics that destroy the intestinal microflora, burning without parsing and bad, and good bacteria.

Created by scientists from Tel Aviv University The system allows you to create useful bacteria that recognize pathogenic and with the help of toxins they are neutralized,

Scientists used VIBRIO NATRIEGENS safe for humans and provided their «weapons» — peculiar arrows delivering toxins to neighboring pathogenic bacteria.

«This is proof that we have the ability to create bacteria for extermination systems as an alternative to classic antibiotics,» said the co-author of Dor Salomon.

The scope of technology is very promising: it is not only about the development of drugs for the treatment of pathogenic bacteria in people, but funds for the prevention of bacterial infections from food products — meat and fish.

Currently, the growth of resistance to antibacterial drugs is considered one of the main global threats to human health. Despite this, the rate of consumption of antibiotics is only growing. Recent studies have shown that frequent receptions of drugs

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