Jetpack Aviation sold the first batch of reactive Renta

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Startup Jetpack Aviation from California

California startup Jetpack Aviation, one of the first in the world who created a rocket launcher with a large duration of the flight, declares the sale of the first jet Rents of the military. We are talking about two JB-12 worth $ 400 thousand each. Jetpack Aviation does not disclose the name of the customer, but clarifies that the buyer is in Southeast Asia. The customer will receive the worsens for six months.

Like the JB-11 model, JB-12 is equipped with three small turbines of a triangular shape jetcat. They are located behind the user. Side computers help the pilot in navigation and in the tasks. The weight of the device is 48 kg, and the maximum speed is 193 km / h.

For wearing on the back, the reactive wovents are not intended because of the high weight. It does not work quickly throw on the shoulders and start the mission. Also pilots in flight must use flame retardant costumes and helmets.

«Our development program meets the needs of the Armed Forces. This proves a deal with the military. For more opportunities, JB-12 can integrate with the Speeder platform for a «flying motorcycle», «commented the founder, CEO and the main pilot Jetpack Aviation David Meiman (David Mayman). He did not tell what missions would be a jet launcher.

Recall that in July the company is successful

Jetpack Aviation collects the prototype bike «P1.5». It is known that the car works on kerosene or diesel. Developers are studying and more environmentally friendly alternatives to this fuel.

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