Joe Biden wants to reduce the cost of electricity in the USA to 2 cents per kWh * h


Solar energy production in the United States has grown over the past ten years by 4000%, but still only 3% in total energy generation. The administration of President Joe Bayiden is going to change this, increasing the development of up to 40% by 2035 if the Congress approves the appropriate measure. A radical increase in the share of solar generation will reduce the wholesale prices for electricity in the USA to 2 cents kW * h, and retail — up to 4 cents.

In order to achieve the declared goal, the Ministry of Energy will have to increase the growth rates three times or even four times. This means that electricity prices obtained from the energy of the Sun will continue to fall,

The total cost of solar energy depends on several variables, including from the size of the station, types of procurement and prices for electricity in the region. The normalized cost of solar energy, allowing to compare prices for different forms of generation of energy, decreased by more than 70% over the past ten years. But in order for the Baiden’s plan to be embodied, the price reduction should continue.

Despite the rapid growth of solar stations in 2020, the share of solar energy in the United States remains insignificant. The Ministry of Energy indicates a number of measures that must be taken to achieve the goal. In particular, we are talking about preferential taxation of solar energy and infrastructure, support for innovation and advanced production, as well as investment in ensuring solar energy of poor citizens.

Recall that on its first day of the President Biden promised to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 2030 by 50%.


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