Key regulator of production of useful brown fat

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Scientists have already shown how an experimental approach does not allow to recover even on the background of a diet with a high fat content. Opening can lead to new methods for treating metabolic disorders and obesity.

The benefits of brown fat is to burn calories and highlighting heat in response to a decrease in ambient temperature. From previous studies, scientists knew that the signaling molecule of the immune system — cytokines is important for the production of brown fat. In the new work, which

Preclinical experiments on mice models have shown that interleukin 25 (IL-25) plays a key role in it. IL-25 acts through two other cytokine, which, in turn, regulate macrophage immune cells. In the meantime, macrophages enhance the neurotransmitter production of the norepinephrine necessary to produce brown fat.

When scientists were additionally injected with IL-25 mice on a high fat diet, therapy prevented the development of obesity and improved the reaction to insulin.

«This means that IL-25 can become a potential target for the treatment and prevention of obesity and metabolic violations in a person,» the author of Zhongkhan Yang has concluded. While a new therapeutic strategy continues to study in preclinical studies.

Recently another group of researchers

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