LG for the first time transmitted data on technology 6G to a distance of 100 meters


Company LG Electronics

As the developers explained, the 6G networks create a number of problems associated with power loss during transmission and reception of the signal between the antennas. Due to the small range, the wireless communication requires a generator of stable signals for ultra-wideband frequencies. Previously, engineers were failed to get rid of this shortage, but German scientists were able to create a reliable amplifier, who solved this problem and ensured the success of the experiment.

The new amplifier is able to generate a stable output signal up to 15 dBmWT in the frequency range from 155 to 175 GHz. LG has connected it to adaptive beam formation technology, which changes the direction of the signal in accordance with the channel changes and the position of the receiver. This system combined the signals of several power amplifiers and transferred data to receiving antennas.

Partners broadcast a signal between the telecommunications Institute. Fraunhofer and Berlin Institute of Technology. The company also established a new world record — at the moment no laboratory failed to implement a stable signal transmission in 6G to a distance of 100 meters.

As part of the successful test report, LG representatives also reported that the standardization of technology 6G will be held in 2025, and commercialization — for four years after that — until 2029. According to IT Giant, 6G will become the key component of the Internet of Total Technology (Ambient Internet of Everything) — a new technology that will improve consumer living conditions and accelerates business development in many industries. The company also noted that in the near future, technology will become more sensitive, adaptive and autonomous.

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