Low-calorie diet cured diabetics in a few weeks


Many participants in the experiment stopped taking drugs from diabetes and hypertension from the first week and are still healthy. Scientists stated that their work clearly demonstrates: the cessation of reception of the tablets is not only safe, but also useful for health.

The key to achieve such impressive results was losing weight. British scientists from Newcastle University


Some participants managed to reset about 15 kg during this time. Preparations from diabetes and hypertension were canceled from the very beginning and resumed only in some cases when improving sugar or blood pressure.

At first, scientists found out that in most cases the level of blood pressure decreased as people loose. The effect was maintained for two years of observing participants. A similar result was achieved in the management of diabetes.

Observations have shown that the persistent remission of diabetes for at least two years has been preserved in 53 participants who were able to maintain the form. Among 78 participants who constantly accepted medicines from hypertension, 65 were able to completely abandon them.

One of the participants of the experiment, a 68-year-old woman, Kathleen Bro stated: «Stop 800 calories per day was difficult only for the first few days, and then I got used to.» As a result, she lost 15 kg of excess weight in three months of the experiment and completely stopped taking medication. It was the best of all that I have ever done for my health, she added.

Studies in the field of power correction have repeatedly proved the benefit of a balanced diet for cure from a second type diabetes. Recently scientists

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