Mahle has created an electric motor without magnets with an efficiency of 95%

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The German auto parts manufacturer Mahle has developed an electric motor that does not use rare earth metals. According to the developer’s statements, the presented system combines several concepts in one case — the motor works without magnets, practically not subject to wear and has a higher efficiency on all operating modes, showing the performance in the peak above 95%. The latter indicator is especially important — only electric bollides of formula E. have been achieved earlier.


In addition, about 97% of world supplies of rare earth metals comes from China, which gradually limits their production, which leads to an increase in the cost of resources — over the past decade, the price of neodymium increased by 750%, and the cost of dumping increased by 2000%. At the same time, the PRC is the only country capable of converting metals into an industrial magnets for global supply chains. In order to get rid of these problems, as well as avoid hitting ecology, Mahle has created a commercially viable electric motor without magnets.

«We are fulfilled with a new electric motor with commitments as an environmentally rational company. Refusal from magnets and, therefore, the use of rare earth elements offers great potential not only from a geopolitical point of view, but also from the point of view of the responsible use of nature and resources, «said Michael Fritz, Chairman of the Board of MAHLE.

With the new design, MAHLE engineers offered to transmit power to a spinning rotor using non-contact induction. Due to this decision, the company was able to abandon the magnets and most of the wear surfaces. In addition, Mahle also created a system for setting the parameters of the magnetism of the rotor — automakers are no longer required to repel from the parameters of constant magnets and can increase the engine power over 95%.

Such an approach will be especially effective in developing powerful electrocars, but it can also be used for conventional cars — from subcompact machines to SUVs. And the absence of expensive rare earth metals will reduce the cost of manufacturing such engines. Mahle is going to run the serial production of new generation engines by the end of 2023. Now the company already has several operating prototypes that are used in tests.

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