Mahle lithium-carbon battery charges a moped for 90 seconds


The German auto parts manufacturer Mahle has merged with Allotrope Energy batteries specialist for developing fast charging technology for electric vehicles. Their joint product is a lithium-carbon battery with supercapacitor elements. In addition to high charging speed, the new battery does not contain rare-earth metals. The novelty was presented this week at Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle exhibition in the UK.

«Concern about the stock reserve is often called the main obstacle to the spread of electrical transport, but if the battery can be charged as quickly as traditional cars with DVS, complaints will become less,» said Mike Basset, director of research in Mahle.

Together with his colleagues from Allotrope Energy, his team decided to develop a cheap, a tough lithium-carbon battery for electric mopeds, which can be met more often on the streets of cities. The main requirement for the novelty — it should guarantee the owner of the moped as quickly as possible recharging,

Engineers took the usual anode, which are used in traditional lithium-ion batteries, a cathode from the supercapacitor and divided them with an organic electrolyte. Such an approach made it possible to achieve a huge specific power and charging speed in combination with excellent energy density of lithium batteries. As a result, the lithium-carbon element provides a quick charge rate and service life of 100,000 cycles.

In addition, the lithium-carbon battery does not contain rare-earth metals, and it is completely recycled. In addition, it does not overheat, so it will not be the cause of the fire.

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