MEA: «The demand for key minerals will grow 6 times by 2040»

16 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

The International Energy Agency has published a paradoxical report on the global reduction in CO2 emissions and demand for fossil energy sources. Analysts believe that some countries are too hurrying with the implementation of their green strategies — the more governments try to go to new solutions, the stronger the need of plants in the corner, oil and gas are growing. The demand for them can grow in the next 15 years 6 times, and only closer to 2050 will begin to decline.

«Prospects for demand and vulnerability of proposals are greatly different depending on minerals, but the common needs of the energy sector in essential minerals can grow six times to 2040, depending on how quickly the government will take measures to reduce emissions,» explained in MEA.

In the report «The role of critical minerals in the transition to net energy» reported that the six-time increase in demand is averaged indicator and in some areas demand may be even higher. For example, a terrestrial wind power plant requires nine times more mineral resources than a gas power plant of a similar size. Representatives of the IEA call on progressive countries to abandon ambitions in favor of a more pragmatic look — to get everything will not immediately succeed, so you have to choose a more balanced approach,

To simplify the task of government agencies and the private sector, the IEA specialists allocated a number of potential problems that need to be solved in the process of global energy transition. These issues include complex and opaque supply chains, high concentration of materials in a small amount of countries, as well as not enough strict standards for CO2 emissions from manufacturers.

«The current data indicate the impending inconsistency between the strengthened climatic ambitions of the world and the presence of critical minerals that are necessary for the implementation of these ambitions,» the executive director of Maa Fatih Birol added.

Birol also stated that in the long run, potential vulnerabilities only slow down progress or make it noticeably more expensive, which will lead to new problems in combating climate change. In conclusion, the Executive Director gave six recommendations that will provide an integrated approach to the safety of minerals. This list indicates: the development of processing systems, promotion of technological innovation, increasing the sustainability of supply chains, transparency of markets, as well as ensuring investment in diversified sources of new supplies.

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