«Microwave weapons that caused Havansky Syndrome, Russia and China»


Portable microwaves that can cause brain lesions, currently develop several countries, said the leading US expert in this area. These include Russia and perhaps China. In the US, the prototype of such weapons for use was made in 2004, but then all the information on it disappeared from open sources and the project is considered closed.

Evidence that this study was beyond the frame of the prototyping phase, no, and the report on this study was removed from the US Navy website. Scientists who have access to information about the Medusa project claim that ethical considerations did not allow the tests of weapons on people — but they did not stop the US opponents: Russia and perhaps China, said James Giordano, a professor of neurology and ethics from Georgetown University Medical Center .

Dzhiandano, also received a degree in biotechnology, biosafety and ethics in the US Maritime Policy, was brought as a government adviser at the end of 2016, after two dozen American diplomats and their family members complained about headache and nausea. Later he participated in the investigation into the command of special operations, which was to establish possible developers of such technology,

Due to the considerations of the secrecy of Giordano, did not disclose what kind of type of device was developed countries, but said that new weapons use microwave frequencies that could disrupt brain activity without a feeling of burning. «This is important — and even scary — for us, because it indicates the state of technical development and the complexity of these types of tools that were previously considered unfinished,» he said.

The authors of the December report of the National Academy of Sciences also concluded that the causes of the so-called «Havansky syndrome» are the impact of pulsating microwaves.

Skeptics argue that the device capable of causing such damage should be too cumbersome so that it can be used within the city. However, according to James Lina, a specialist in the biological effects of microwaves, it is not. If the device affects a small area, heats it in a small amount and causes a «thermoelastic compression wave», then passing through the brain, it causes damage in soft tissues. At the same time, the compression wave itself is perceived by the victim as a sound. Indeed, many diplomats and servicemen after the incident in Havana were told that they heard strange sounds before attack.

«You can undoubtedly put such a system in a couple of large suitcases that will fit into the van or an SUV,» said Professor Lin from Illinois University.

In the United States such a system — the Medusa project (acronym from Mob Excess Deterrent using Silent Audio) — Waveband Corp was developed. It was based on the same technology described by Professor Lin — «Microwave Audio Effect», creating fast impulses, slightly heating soft tissues in the brain and causing a shock wave inside the skull. The company received $ 100,000 per prototype. It was supposed to be a portable, low-power, with a controlled radius of action, cause temporary incapacity, to have a low probability of fatal or permanent damage, not cause damage to property and not harm its.

According to him, the prototype «Medusa» was not strong enough to cause continuous harm — after all, in the United States, there are strict limitations of animal tests and people — but in other countries, in particular, in Russia, such tests could be carried out before receiving the completed type of weapons .

While the Pentagon pays out all the attention of expensive arms for the traditional war, Russia, China and other countries «are very interested in the development of non-kinetic instruments», the use of which is not considered to be at present armed aggression, Jijondan said.

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