Modular Dron Aevum will make the shipment of small loads into routine space


Transport and logistics companies usually limit the spheres of their influence of the Earth or Space: Amazon or FedEx are delivered by land or air, and Spacex or Rocket Lab — send goods to orbit. Startup Aevum wants to do topics and others. And he received a patent for the exercise of unmanned flights on all layers of the atmosphere of the planet.

At the heart of the AEVUM plan — the unmanned aerial vehicle RAVN X. In many respects it looks like a regular aircraft: it takes off from the runway, and in the tanks he has aviation fuel, but under the bottom he has a rocket that starts at high altitude and delivers goods into space. After separation of the RAVN X rocket returns to the land standard for the aircraft.

Patent issued startup in early May relates to a unique modular cargo design,

One of the items of the Aevum business model is to enable logistics giants that have no access to space today, expand its sphere of influence and compete with Spacex and other private space companies.

«We want to offer FedEx, Amazon, UPS, DHL and others expand their logistics infrastructure, which they have already mastered,» said the head of Aevum Jes Skilus. — any of them or all these giants can cooperate with Aevum or buy the RAVN X Fleet for yourself and add space launches to the offered services. Space logistics should not be something special as now. «

In the meantime, RAVN X undergoes ground tests and start flights this year. The launch of air delivery service is scheduled for 2022.

One of the Giants Logistics — Amazon — already

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