NASA first tested the planetary defense — hit the asteroid

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NASA decided on the start date of its spectacular mission in recent years. On November 23, the DART device of the first in the history of the project to change the Double Asteroid trajectory will go into space on board the Falcon 9 Rocket Spacex rocket. Training mission will cost yet without the use of nuclear charges. For the impact on the asteroid, only kinetic energy will be used. Live launch broadcast will be conducted via NASA TV and on

Unlike Blockbaster «Armageddon» with Bruce Willis, the use of nuclear charges in the DART mission is not provided. At least, not this time. Now we are talking about a rehearsal — checking the ability of the inhabitants of the Earth to change the path of a huge cobblestone with a significant and predictable way. The project management is carried out by the Coordination Bureau of the NASA Planetary Defense.

The essence of the mission is to start two unmanned aerial vehicles to Didim’s double asteroid,

Having studied the collected data, scientists will be able to understand how it is better to plan similar missions of planetary defense in the future. The second apparatus is collected — the Cubesat class satellite called Liciacube. It will be launched shortly before the operation. Liciacube will have to take care of Didim just by the time of the collision of DART and write down the collision itself and the resulting crater.

The Mission Dart was appointed for the summer of this year, but postponed to November 23. If something goes wrong, the next starting window will open in February 2022.

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