NASA wants to use swarm robots for the construction of the lunar base

16 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

The idea of the production of resources at the site of the construction of the base on a satellite or another planet is becoming increasingly popular — in the end, there is simply extremely expensive materials from the ground. In addition, reduced gravity on the moon allows you to spend less energy on construction work. The team of engineers from the University of Arizona received $ 500,000 from NASA to develop a project to use Roy mining autonomous robots capable of acting on the moon,

According to the hypothesis of shock formation, the moon arose as a result of a collision of young land with a Tayya hypothetical object, leaving it. Therefore, scientists expect to detect a relatively similar chemical composition on a satellite. In the depths of the moon must be rare-earth metals necessary for electronics, titanium for alloys, valuable metals like gold and platinum, as well as helium-3, stable isotope, which can serve as fuel for nuclear power plants.

Engineers are going to collect and teach robots on earth so that they can practice. It is assumed that in the future, completely autonomous swarms of robots will be able to produce minerals and build ordinary facilities without a team from Earth.

Last year, NASA presented

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