New evidence has been received that the Mind diet protects against dementia


A long-term study with the participation of the elderly has shown that the Mind-diet commitment reduced the risks of the cognitive recession and the development of dementia during life. The results obtained look a specific guidance to the action for the prevention of neurodegeneration and slowing the progression of the already existing disease.

Mind Diet is a combination of Mediterranean and DASH diets (diet for the prevention of hypertension). From previous studies, scientists knew that this nutrition helps to reduce the risks of the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Now the team from the University of Rush presents new evidence in favor of this diet for all the elderly,

In a study with the participation of 569 people over 65 years, scientists analyzed the ration of volunteers for many years, as well as their state of health up to the moment of death. Additionally, they studied the samples of the tissues of the brain of the dead.

The focus of observation emphasis was to evaluate the degree of commitment of the Mind diet and the correlation of nutrition with the state of cognitive functions over a long period.

For example, according to the Mind diet, a person follows daily or a day to consume at least three portions of whole grain, green salad, vegetables, nuts, beans. Bird and berries add to the diet at least twice a week, and fish at least once every seven days. On the contrary, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of all products from the category of harmful.

Observations have shown that the most committed Mind Diet participants did not have problems with cognitive functions during their lives. In addition, following the diet improved the memory of people regardless of the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease or other common age-related brain diseases.

«Probably a diet has a protective effect and can contribute to cognitive sustainability in the elderly,» concluded co-author of Klodian Dhana.

Meanwhile, healthy diet and lifestyle are crucial to maintain health at any age. Recently, another group of scientists came to the conclusion that, for example, vegetable nutrition

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