New lithium metal battery withstands record 600 cycles


Scientists consider several options for batteries of the future that could come to replace lithium-ion. One of them is lithium-metal batteries that promise an excellent energy density needed to increase the stock of electric vehicles and aerotexies. The research team from the United States has made a significant step forward in this direction by developing a lithium-metal battery, which withstands the record number of charge and discharge cycles. The following goal is to increase the energy density of this battery to unattainable for lithium-ion batteries 500 W * h / kg.

The lithium-ion battery lithium-metal is distinguished by the fact that they are not graphite an anode, but from pure metal lithium, which can accumulate 10 times more energy. However, not everything is so simple — the problem is that lithium metal batteries are too short-lived. One of the reasons is complex reactions that occur around the anode. They affect the thin film on the electrode — solid electron interfacas. This film controls molecules that penetrate the anode from the electrolyte solution. Her study engaged scholars from the Pacific Northwestern National Laboratory,

As the basis for the anode, scientists took very thin lithium strips, each width of only 20 microns, much thinner of the human hair. Element with such an anode showed a significant energy density: 350 W * h / kg. The best lithium-ion batteries today have a density of 250 to 300 W * h / kg.

During the tests, such a battery retained 76% of the capacity after record 600 cycles. Two years ago, the same group of researchers demonstrated a lithium-metal battery, withstanding only 200 cycles. According to scientists, progress is explained by the fact that thinner lithium strips give the best indicator of solid electrolyte interphase.

The next frontier, which hopes to take scientists — achieving the energy density of 500 W * h / kg.

Recently a team of scientists from Harvard

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