New material will make aviation almost silent


Incredibly lightweight material capable of lowering the noise of aircraft engines and increase the comfort of passengers, developed in Britain. Grafenal «Merengi» from aerogel with extremely low density demonstrated the ability to repay the sound by 16 dB, although weighing only 2.1 kg per cubic meter.

The mass of any components is an extremely important factor in aviation, and the development of scientists from the University of Bata demonstrates excellent indicators,

Scientists were able to get such an incredibly low density due to the combination of graphene and polymer liquid oxide, which frozen with air bubbles. At a very basic level, technology can be compared with whipping eggs to prepare Mereng — it turns out durable, but air material.

Inventors also believe that the new airgel will have other useful properties, for example, will be protected from fire and electromagnetic radiation. It is also possible to optimize the heat sink of the material in order to further increase its attractiveness for the insulation of the engines. Moo and his team promise that it will be possible to establish the production of Aergel for a year and a half.

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