New windmills type will increase wind power efficiency five times

16 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

The Norwegian Startup Wind Catching Systems (WCS) in collaboration with the Norway’s oil and gas company and the Institute of Energy Technologies of Norway has developed a new type of wind power plants. WCS offers to replace the classic wind generators to massive stations consisting of a variety of less large «windmills». The new design, according to the statements of the startup, is able to meet the demand for electricity to 80 thousand residential buildings and provide a five-time increase in productivity compared to the largest wind generators in the world.


The project authors believe that one array of wind generators will be enough to compare the development of the Windcatcher energy with the Vestas V236 installation group — the world’s largest wind turbines with a capacity of 15 MW each. At the same time, the rotors themselves will become less and easier, which means they will be easier to install and maintain. Suppliers will be able to reduce the cost of serial production of wind generators and accelerate the pace of deployment of new wind farms. According to WCS, with the new platform, the annual energy generation will grow by 500%, if you compare the startup system with existing offshore power plants in Europe.

Additional advantage — All the details of the Windcatcher are collected from small components. The supplier, which deploy a new type of station, will sufficiently build the main deck — the remaining parts can be collected without cranes and specialized vessels. If the standard wind generator comes with a warranty of up to 30 years, the WCS guarantees the correct operation of its design to 50 years.

«In collaboration with our main contractor Aibel, we will commercialize this technology that will dramatically increase the efficiency of offshore wind power plants and reduce the use of space by 80%. Our goal is to enable operators and developers of sea wind power complexes to produce electricity at a price that competes with other sources of energy, without subsidies, «the executive director of Wind Catching Systems Ole Heggheim said.

Now WCS works with Aibel over the construction of a pilot project, in which the technology will be tested until the end of 2022. When the Effectiveness of Windcatcher is confirmed, the Norwegian company will switch to its commercialization. It is scheduled for 2023 or 2024.

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