Nobel laureate in economics called Bitcoin Libertarian Chushye


The hysteria around the bitcoine and the cryptocurrency market continues to spread, tightening more people in his funnel. Paul Krugman, American economist, the Nobel Prize winner in 2008 economy believes that the so-called bitcoan community is nothing more than a cult that holds exclusively at the blind faith of its members. If this faith suddenly begins — Bitcoin and all his investors are waiting for the collapse. The fact that Bitcoin actually has zero cost, as it is not related to real economies, they say other well-known economists and large businessmen.

Despite the fact that last week, Bitcoin annulled all the accumulations of 2021, it was not afraid of investors — on the contrary, attracted them even more. At the end of April, over 2.1 million adults of Americans, or 14% of the adult population, acquired some kind of cryptocurrency. And by the end of the year, according to the forecast of the crypto exchanger Gemini, the number of Kripta owners will double, as people are afraid to get rich «such a unique opportunity».

At the same time, the overwhelming majority of new investors are not aware of the risks of investment in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies,

«I am writing a little about Bitcoine, because there are no provisions for discussion,» wrote Paul Krugman on Twitter. — Bitcoin is not a new innovation; It has existed since 2009, and for all this time no one has found him any good use. This is not a convenient means of exchange; This is not a stable means of savings; This is definitely not a calculated monetary unit.

Indeed, among crypto-enthusiasts, a sense of unity and support, as well as the almost complete absence of any doubt in the bright future crypt in countless branches on Reddit. Most of them are made from another test than traditional investors. They protest against capitalism and see the opportunity to defeat Wall Street in Bitcoine and other cryptocurrencies.

Krugman, who received the Nobel Prize for the work on global trade models, was openly criticized Bitcoin many times, as well as the remaining types of cryptocurrency. In the New York Times 2018 column, he wrote that compared to the fiat transaction money in cryptocurrency, they are expensive, and they themselves have no economic support, unlike traditional currencies.

In an interview with the VOX 2019, the Nobel Prize winner of the economy

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