Paragon’s hydrogen Aerotaxi will have a stroke reserve up to 1400 km


Paragon Vtol Aerospace develops a second generation of SOAR Aerotexix prototype equipped with hydrogen engines. Depending on the number of passengers on board (maximum nine), the vertical takeoff and landing machine will be able to overcome without refueling from 480 to 1450 km. The founder of the company Duight Smith spoke about the plans to build a factory in the south of Texas, and then the airport, from where it will be possible to get through the air to Los Angeles.

SOAR rises in the air with eight large tunnel screws located along the fuselage. Each of them issues 318 kg of thrust, which, according to Smith, is a record for the industry. Several smaller fans are built into the wings to increase controllability and stability. Two more large screws rear change the position from the horizontal to the vertical and push the plane forward when it goes into flight mode,

The machine in the six-seater configuration is designed for 800 km when using a hybrid power plant. The first prototype tests are scheduled to begin 2022. The hydrogen internal combustion engine is used to expand the SOAR action range.

This complicates commercialization for Paragon: Aviation systems on liquid hydrogen are now in the infancy, so plans to start delivering passengers in 2024-25 seem to be too optimistic. In addition, it is necessary to attract about a billion dollars, and Paragon has so far relied on private financing.

Nevertheless, the company plans to build a factory and airport in Texas, not far from the cosmodrome, on which Spacex develops and launches the StarShip spacecraft.

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