Peptoid-based antiviral drugs stopped COVID-19 and herpes


Scientists have submitted a new strategy to combat various viruses, which can improve therapy for many diseases. The basis of the new approach is the use of peptoids, which are much less subjected to destruction in the body and are therefore more effective.

In addition to antibodies and leukocytes, the immune system also uses peptides to combat viruses and other pathogens. It is known that synthetic peptides can strengthen this protection, but they are quickly destroyed by enzymes, so they cannot become promising candidate medications. Researchers from the USA

Countering enzyme destruction occurs due to the special structure of the peptoid. If peptides consist of short sequences of amino acids with side chains associated with carbon atoms, then in peptoids, side chains are associated with nitrogen atoms, forming a structure that resists the effects of enzymes.

The first preclinical experiments have shown that the peptoids will inactivate SARS-COV-2 and the first-type herpes simplex virus by blocking the possibility of infection of healthy cells. They then confirmed the results, demonstrating that the application of peptoids to the area of the mouth in mice protects them from the appearance of a «cold» on the lips.

Currently, their effectiveness is estimated to treat ear infections, respiratory tract and lungs, intestines, as well as antiviral tools to cover contact lenses, implant catheters.

In addition, it reduces the risks of the development of resistance to therapy.

Clinical trials of experimental therapy are planning to run during the year. If the effectiveness and safety of therapy for a person is confirmed, the peptoids may become a preventive tool for people in remission, as well as for people with high risk of infection.

Currently there is no effective means for treating herpes. The existing drug acyclovir successfully suppresses symptoms, but cannot completely clean the body from the virus. Recently another group of researchers

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