Personality of man is formed at the moment of birth

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Scientists from the USA came to this conclusion, analyzing the activity of the brain of newborns. Their research explains the neurobiological origin of the distinguishing features of a person who may be a predictor of behavior and health status in the future.

The key area of the study was the assessment of the functional connections of individual areas of the brain. Scientists knew that changes in functional linations could be a sign of depression, disorders of food behavior, schizophrenia and other disorders that are likely to take their beginning in childhood.

The team studied three functional brain networks that participate in the control of emotions, attention, knowledge and other processes in children in the first month of life. They sought to find out the variability of these ties, as well as their influence on the temperament of the baby. To do this, they used infrared spectroscopy, as well as questioning parents to estimate the child’s temperament according to strictly specified criteria.

For the first time, scientists have found that the functional bonds of the brain affecting human behavior develop during the first month of life,

For example, shortly after birth, the children have expressed a close relationship between the frontal and dark areas of the brain. Until now, there has been no evidence that it develops at such an early stage.

«There are a number of mental disorders that are associated with differences in the functional bonds of the brain, but it is not yet clear whether the detected correlation between them and behavior can predict long-term outcomes of human development, including behavior and illness,» the authors said. Currently, they study whether this correlation has critical importance to predicting risks.

In another study, scientists traced the relationship between the composition of the intestinal microflora at the beginning of the life and the development of certain character traits in the future. It turned out that certain bacteria

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