Physics found evidence of the dual nature of the electron


The discovery of physicists of Princeton University can change the submission of scientists about the behavior of electrons in extreme conditions of quantum materials. The researchers provided experimental evidence that these particles behave as if they consist of two: one particle gives an electron negative charge, the other is magnetic properties, or spin.

«We believe that this is the first reliable proof of charge separation and spin,» said Professor Na Phuwan Ong, senior author of the article published in the Nature Physics magazine.

The experimental results obtained by scientists coincide with the forecasts made dozens of years ago, to explain one of the most difficult to understand the states of the substance — spin fluid. In all substances, the electron spin indicates either up, or down. In the magnet, they are all directed in one direction along the entire length of the sample, when the temperature drops below the critical mark.

However, in the spin fluid, the backs cannot come to unity, even if the temperature is close to absolute zero. They are constantly staying in a dance confused with very complex figures. As a result, one of the most confused quantum states, which is interested in scientists, especially those engaged in quantum computing,

For a mathematical description of the behavior of electrons in spin fluid, Philip Anderson’s physicist proposed the following explanation: in quantum mode, an electron can be considered as consisting of two particles. One is a negative charge carrier, the second is the back. Anderson called such a part of Spins.

In the new work, scientists have been searching for spinone in spin fluid consisting of ruthenium and chlorine atoms. At temperature -269 degrees Celsius and in the presence of a magnetic field, the ruthenium chloride crystals were entered into the state of the spin fluid.

«People sought this signature to decades,» said Professor Ong. — If this opening and interpretation of spinone is confirmed, it will significantly promote the area of the spin fluid. «


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