Samsung introduced a mobile image sensor for 200 megapixels

16 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

Modern smartphones are already doing photos no worse than many cameras. We have already forgotten what it means to take a camera with you on vacation — a regular phone is enough to capture better moments of rest. Samsung introduced a new mobile sensor, which will print a photo size with a poster — and pixels will remain invisible to the eye.

Mobile ISocell HP1 image sensor with 200 million pixels (pixel size — 0.64 μm) exceeds all other solutions that exist today on the market. Chameleoncell technology allows you to combine pixels in groups, for example, four to four if the shooting occurs in insufficient illumination conditions. Then the resolution of the picture will be 12.5 mp.

In addition, the company introduced an ISoCell GN5 sensor by 50 meters with a pixel size of 1 microns. This is the first sensor with pixels of such a magnitude equipped with Dual Pixel Pro technology. It seems that this is a reduced version of the GN2 sensor with 1.4 microns, which was the largest sensor available for smartphones. He made his debut this year in the Xiaomi Mi 11 model.

Samsung did not yet report when her new sensor will be launched into mass production, but already sent samples of smartphone manufacturers.

Recently, the company showed another one

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