Samsung showed several concepts of folding displays


SAMSUNG Electronics division, Samsung Display has shown several new technologies at the Display Week 2021 virtual conference — bendingly twice or three times, turning into the tube and with a camera under the screen. All these innovations are still at the development stage and are not tied to specific devices, models and dates of exit, but show what the electronics of the future can be.

The first concept is twice the bucken S, and in the maximum disclosed form, the diagonal reaches 7.2 inches. As soon as Samsung has a fairly effective production process and confidence in the reliability and durability of the design, this screen will appear at one of the models of smartphones,

Another new product is a large, 17-inch screen on organic LEDs, which can be folded once, but not in half, but in the ratio of 4: 3. In the reduced form screen size with a tablet. The device allows you to start side by side two applications. For example, PowerPoint and Word, as in the photo of the sample. It is likely that he will need some kind of stand, and the input is carried out through the touch interface or peripheral devices.

Finally, the camera technology was presented under the screen (UPC, Under Panel Camera) in the form of a laptop. The cunning is to place on top of the optics a fairly transparent display layer so that it could be removed through it.

According to rumors, the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 will become less. Next folding smartphone Samsung

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