Satellite data show that the clouds will double global warming


A new approach to analyzing satellite pictures allowed us to collect the most reliable evidence of the impact of clouds on global warming in the long run. The results of the study conducted by British experts indicate that with a double concentration of carbon dioxide, compared with the pre-industrial level (and this will happen soon), the average temperature of the Earth is likely to rise by 3.2 degrees. This means that there is really no chance of keeping the rise in temperature within 2 degrees.

The pre-industrial level of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is approximately 280 million dollars. The current level is approaching 420 MD, and by the middle of the century can reach 560 md if serious measures are taken. The value of climate warming, predicted on the basis of an increase in CO2 level, affects «climatic sensitivity». This parameter shows how much the planet reacts to greenhouse gases,

An important unknown climate sensitivity is the influence of clouds and their future changes. The fact is that the clouds, depending on density and height in the atmosphere, can either reduce or increase the blending effect. Low clouds that do not give the sunshine to reach the surface of the Earth have a cooling effect. High, on the contrary, do not give the planet cooling, increasing the greenhouse effect.

«Over the past few years, many evidence has been accumulated that the clouds have a strengthening effect on global warming. However, our new approach for the first time allowed to bring the meaning of this effect for the entire planet with the help of only the highest quality satellite data, «said the collaborator of Per Newak, co-author.


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