Scientists for the first time successfully conducted a brain tumor with a magnetic field


For about a month, the tumor decreased by a third, although before this surgery, radio, chemotherapy and even gene therapy did not bring improvements. New treatment was the impact of the magnetic field and was held at home.

A 53-flight patient with Glioblastoma had a recurrence of cancer. To experimental therapy, a magnetic field was performed by surgical treatment, radio and chemotherapy, as well as experimental gene therapy. Scientists from the Houston Methodist hospital offered a patient with non-invasive treatment — the effects of a magnetic field on a tumor using a specially developed device in the form of a helmet.

The onComagnetic device is attached to the head and creates oscillating magnetic fields. The death of cancer cells occurs due to the violation of the electron transport in the respiratory chain of mitochondria, scientists explain.


Therapy was well tolerated and did not cause side effects. It is also a very important result, given the terminal stage of the disease. Unfortunately, the patient died as a result of an accident. The results of therapy scientists were rated after opening.

«The results obtained are completely new opportunities for non-invasive and non-toxic brain cancer therapy,» the authors emphasized. While they are planning further clinical trials.

Recently another group of scientists

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