Scientists found out how many steps a day are needed at middle age


The recommendation to pass on about 10 thousand steps is widely known, but scientists from the United States found out that for middle age the norm may be less. Noticeable positive results in reducing the risk of premature death from all reasons begin with 7,000 steps compared to those who move less. At the same time to pass more than 10,000 — or faster — not necessarily.

In fact, the Council goes on the day 10,000 steps has no scientific justification. He emerged within the framework of the old Marketing campaign of the Japanese pedigometer, says Amanda Pochuch, a specialist in kinesiology from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. She and her colleagues wondered how much the steps in the day should be done to have health benefits.

Scientists analyzed the data of an extensive study of the risk of developing diseases of the coronary system, which began in 1985 and continues to this day. Approximately 2100 participants between the ages of 38 and 50 were accelerometer in 2005 or 2006, and then, in ten years, their medical records were carefully studied,

Participants were divided into three groups: in the first one was less than 7,000 steps, in the second from 7,000 to 9999, and in the third more than 10,000.

«For those who are usually 4,000, it is useful to increase the norm to 5,000,» Pochuch said. — And with an increase from 5,000 to 6000, a decrease in mortality risk from all reasons increases gradually about 10,000 steps. «

The authors of the study are ready to continue working in this direction and study the impact of motor activity to other health indicators, in addition to premature death, as well as other age groups.

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