Scientists have come up with «Martian concrete» from blood, sweat and tears of astronauts


If you follow a new recipe, a group of cosmonauts can make hundreds of hundreds of kilograms of bricks per year, fastening them with their own blood, then and tears. The new building material was proposed by scientists from the University of Manchester, which were inspired by ancient technologies.

The once one of the most common masonry mixtures was a limestone solution and pork blood, which regulated the growth of calcium carbonate crystals. Some historians call this recipe «one of the most important technological inventions in the history of China’s architecture».

Thousands of years have passed, and these scientists wondered how the most efficiently build houses on Mars or the Moon. Loading the shops of ships with brick or cement bags is imperfinitely expensive, so you need to build from a local material using everything that is at hand. Experts from the University of Manchester remembered the experience of the past and decided to conduct experiments with human blood and waste as a binder material, and received interesting results.

The study showed

According to calculations, the crew of six astronauts in two years of stay on Mars can produce over 500 kg of building material. Using it to fasten the bags with sand or bricks from the local soil, each cosmonaut can double the size of its dwelling, having prepared during the stay on the planet housing for twice the larger group of researchers.

«Scientists have long tried to come up with a viable technology for the production of something like concrete on the surface of Mars, but they did not occur to them that the answer was all this time inside ourselves,» said Alere Roberts, the author of the study.

In 2019, scientists from the Netherlands

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