Scientists have discovered a key mechanism for controlling blood pressure


We are talking about baroreceptors that react to any changes in blood pressure and regulate it. So far, scientists have not known, the exact mechanism of their work and location in the body. The new work of American scientists puts the point in this matter.

Baroreceptors can be compared with special sensors that respond to changes in blood pressure and, if necessary, regulate the level of hormones to keep it under control. Scientists were suspected that baroreceptors are located in specialized kidney cells producing renin, but still could not say for sure.

New team study from Virgin University

Experiments have shown that under conditions of pressure inside the cells, changes occur and the activity of the Ren1 gene decreases. When baroreceptors detect a higher blood pressure (hypertension), it limits the activity of REN1. Lower blood pressure (hypotension), on the contrary, increases it.

Now the team intends to apply new data to manage hypertension. They are planning to further explore the mechanism and signaling paths associated in the baroreceptors to develop effective methods of treating high blood pressure — the leading cause of the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Recently scientists from Columbia University

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