Scientists have found a protective mechanism from the obesity of the liver


The discovery also explains why non-alcoholic liver disease is more common in women than in men. Now the team intends to develop a medicine that will be able to ensure prevention and protection against the already developing disease.

Non alcoholic liver disease (NAFFP) is the most common liver disease in the world and affects about a quarter of the earth’s population. Against the background of hidden symptoms without treatment, NAFD can go into cirrhosis and liver cancer. Nevertheless, fully heal the obesity of the liver, which increases the risk of other chronic diseases until it succeeds.

Researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles studied chemical modifications in some RNA molecules that allowed

At the same time, in males and females, its absence was manifested in different ways. In female mice without M6A, NAZHLP developed faster, which explains the higher frequency of obesity of the liver in women than in men, the authors explain.

Experimental treatment has already shown the promise of a new discovery to develop new drugs. Gene therapy aimed at strengthening or modifying RNA made it possible to slow down or reduce the severity of the disease. In further research, scientists will recheck effective this strategy in order to ultimately come close to the development of therapy for a person.

Recently, scientists from Germany managed to determine

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