Scientists presented a new durable contraceptive for men

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The drug has two key advantages — safety, as well as a reversible mechanism of action — a man can always cancel the medicine and conceive a child. The results of preclinical experiments are confirmed.

Contraceptive options for men are very limited. The most common way to protect against unwanted pregnancy is a condom, and the most radical and irreversible — vasectomy. Scientists from the United States sought to develop a long-term contraceptive sparing version, which, if necessary, can be canceled at any time. Conclusions of their work

They concentrated on a magnetic-thermal approach.

Scientists have developed iron oxide nanoparticles coated with citric acid, which can be heated to high temperatures and with the help of a magnetic field to deliver to eggs.

Heating temporarily suppresses spermatogenesis, gradually returning it to the previous level.

Experiments on mice models showed that the nanoparticles introduced through blood blocked the conception after seven days and restored the critical function of males by the end of the second month. The treatment was non-toxic, and substances were gradually displayed in the body.

These are important results that open up new opportunities for creating safe, effective and long-term male contraception, scientists said.

Recently, a team from the University of North Carolina

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