Scientists understood how to stop the loss of muscle mass against the background of aging


Scientists from the United States found out that it is based on the muscular mass loss mechanism against the background of aging. Their discovery will help not only the elderly to preserve the functional muscles, but also athletes and other people faster to restore damaged tissues after injury.

Team from the Institute of Biological Studies

The compounds used in the study are called the factors of Yamanak in honor of the Japanese scientist who discovered the mechanism for the transformation of specialized cells into pluripotent — that is, capable of turning into various types of cells. The factors of Yamanaki are also called transcription factors and are a combination of four proteins.

«We recently have developed new gene editing technologies that can be used to accelerate muscle recovery after injury or improving the function of the tissue. Now we could use them to directly reduce the level of Wnt4 in skeletal muscles or to block the link between Wnt4 and stem cells, «explained the author of the work of the IPISA BELMONTE.

So far, scientists are at the very beginning of the road and further preclinical studies are necessary before the therapy can be tested in humans, but a new understanding of the mechanism of muscle tissue opens up great prospects for further treatment of people.

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