Serial production of Manta5 water electric bike began


At the International Water Transport Exhibition Sanctuary Cove, for the first time you could see half a bike, half a boat Manta5 Xe-1 produced by the New Zealand startup. This aqueous electric bike with carbon fiber housing and the aircraft aluminum frame can be dispersed on water up to 22 km / h. Price — € 7,990 or $ 9,000.

For the first time, Manta5 Xe-1 Hydrofoiler appeared in the news in 2017, and in 2018, preliminary sales of aquatic electrobike began. The CES 2020 exhibition was rooted for him, and in March of this year he participated in the races in Auckland Harbor (USA). Soon after Hyden Reeves, the Sales Director of Manta5, successfully crossed the Cook Strait, dividing the North and South Islands of New Zealand on this bike. One battery charging was enough to overcome the distance of 26 km.

Serial production has already been launched, and Manta5 can be purchased in the USA, Great Britain, Europe and New Zealand,

The company’s plans are the expansion of the model range. By 2023, the startup intends to attract $ 300 million and release the racing version of the existing model, an electric motorcycle, as well as a surfing model.

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