Spacex first successfully planted the prototype starship


After an already standard flight to a height of 10 km, the SN15 device successfully completed the landing and did not explode during the landing, nor after, unlike the four previous prototypes. According to the head of Spacex Ilona Mask, «hundreds of changes» were made to the design of this version, approaching the prototype to the «orbital version». Whether SN15 will fly again until it is clear. Engineers are completing the assembly of the next prototype, in addition, the first stage of the Super Heavy carrier rocket is almost collected. Its test is the next important stage in the StarShip development program.

STARSHIP SN15 took off at 18:24 local time from the test landfill in Boca Chika, Texas, rose about 10 km, and then managed to go down and landed onto the plantation. The accuracy of the landing was not optimal — the ship was at the very edge of the landing site, a few more meters and it would miss.

The entire flight lasted 6 minutes 8 seconds. The audiences were again unable to rejoice in a beautiful picture of the tests, since a severe cloudiness over Boca-Chika. It was clearly visible only takeoff and landing.

Landing caused a fire in the area of the motor compartment — approximately the village of SN10 apparatus in early March, which

The company did not report whether the SN15 repeated flight will take place. Meanwhile, the assembly of the next prototype is completed in the Boca-Chik.

StarShip will become the top superheavy vehicle super heavy launch vehicle, the development of which is also not completed. The cosmic ship of the new generation is intended for flights to the moon and Mars with passengers or a hundred tons of cargo on board. Recently NASA.

Spacex competitors immediately

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