Spacex is preparing to launch the second generation of Starlink satellites

16 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

With a much more spacious ship StarShip Ilon Mask is going to bring the second generation of Starlink satellites to orbit, which will ensure a more dense coating in rural regions. Then companies will not need all 42,000 satellites that Spacex originally planned to run to ensure the whole world quick mobile Internet.

Spacex filed on August 18 an application for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which contains the updated plan of Starlink Gen2 instead of what was approved at 2020,

Instead, according to the new Spacex scenario, satellites will distribute more evenly along 9-12 inclined orbits to get a more dense coating on the poles. This will increase the coverage of the territory and improve the connection for residents of remote regions, security agencies and rescuers.

In total, according to an updated plan on nine orbits at an altitude of 340 to 614 km, it is planned to withdraw 29,988 satellites. Although the new devices will be somewhat larger and will generate more energy than the previous one, according to SPACEX estimates, they will not interfere with other constellations and will not increase the risk of clashes in space.

Now there are over 1600 satellites Starlink in the near-earth orbit. By the latter

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