StarShip will make the first orbital flight from Texas to Hawaii


Judging by the application filed by Spacex by the US Federal Communications Commission, the prototype of the STARSHIP spacecraft will take off from the site in Texas, will fly away the ground and plunges into the water at the shore of one of the Hawaiian Islands. During this start, they will be first tested in a bundle of both elements of the system — superheavy support carrier Super Heavy and StarShip. Their total height reaches 120 meters. Landing None of the parts of the system is scheduled — both will be on the water.

The document emphasizes that about three minutes after the start, the first stage will be separated from StarShip, and after another five minutes it will return to the ground and falls into the Mexican Bay,

Meanwhile, StarShip will continue to fly, will enter orbit, makes almost a full turn around the planet and will again enter the atmosphere over the Hawaiian Islands in about 90 minutes after the start. The task of StarShip is to make a managed, targeted ocean surface leading approximately 100 km from Kauai Island, the most northern in the state.

Whenever the flight occurred, he will allow testing the maneuverity of the new generation spacecraft, with which Spacex is going to

«Spacex intends to collect as much data as possible during the flight to assess the dynamics of entering the atmosphere and it is better to understand what loads are experiencing a device in flight mode. It is extremely difficult to predict or simulate on the computer, «the document says.

In addition to flights in open space StarShip

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