Startup developed 3D printing of two- and three-storey houses


Californian startup with Russian roots Mighty Buildings, Printing residential buildings on automated 3D printers, successfully closed $ 22 million round round. The company has already established itself as a manufacturer of single-storey houses for residents of California, and is now preparing for the manufacture of the first «high-rise buildings». According to the co-founder Sam Ruben, Mighty Buildings will release the first prototype of a multi-storey building at the end of 2022 — early 2023.

Startup Mighty Buildings was founded in 2017 by Vyacheslav Solonitsyna and Sam Ruben in Auckland, California. The company has set itself the task — to accelerate, democratize and increase the environmental friendliness of the construction of suburban housing. Engineers have developed a large 3D printer Big-G, which uses thermosetting material to print, solidifying under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Startup quickly grew and put production on stream — over the past few years, Mighty Buildings has developed several models of houses and offers today the seal of five different options is both planning and area.

According to MIGHTI BUILDINGS, 3D printers work twice as quickly by builders, reduce the working hours of specialists by 95% and produce 10 times less waste. Now the startup can print a house of about 105 square meters in less than a day. At the same time, the materials themselves are noticeably environmentally friendly and more reliable than traditional counterparts. In the process of expansion, MIGHTY Buildings will use similar approaches. In the next two or three years, the startup will launch the production of two-storey and three-storey houses, and will also develop the concept of expandable townhouses. By 2028, Mighty Builings is going to become a carbon-neutral company — all new projects will be created without CO2 emissions.

«Along with improvements in sustainable development, this capital has already been recorded at the expense of our new formula, this capital will allow us to develop the next generation material in order to approach our goal even more — to become a carbon-neutral company by 2028. We will also create new environmental solutions due to the reduced impact of our foundations and other, non-printing elements, the environment, «

New capital brings the total amount of venture capital funding Mighty Buildings to $ 101 million. The last round participated in the ARCTER VENTURES, Core Innovation Capital, Decacorn Capital, Gaingels, Khosla Ventures, Klaff Realty, Microventures, Modern Venture Partners, Polyvalent Capital, Vibrato Capital and others. In addition to the development of multi-storey projects, the startup will send funds to develop new one-storey houses, improving 3D printing technology and attracting customers.

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