Startup released 4680 format batteries like Tesla.


Storedot, the Israeli battery developer announced the production of the first batch of cylindrical nutrition elements 4680, the same, about which Ilon Mask was told on the «Batteries» last year and which should reduce the costs of batteries in half. Technical details are not enough, but the company expects to begin mass production in 2024.

Marking 4680 means 46 to 80 mm, which is much larger than modern cylindrical batteries. Tesla argued that he had a solution to the thermal problems of the production of batteries of this size and was going to produce them independently, as well as agree on production with partners. A desire to get a contract Tesla has already announced LG Energy Solutions, CATL, Samsung SDI and others.

The «breakthrough» solution for format 4680 offers Storedot.

Storedot has already demonstrated its «urgent charging» of batteries in phones, drones and scooters, and at the beginning of the year

Storedot expects to start mass production of its batteries in 2024. As a material, it is planned to use silicon, and the head of the Doron Startup Meersdorf promised earlier that the cost of its batteries will be the same as existing lithium-ion batteries.

At the beginning of the year, the form factor 4680

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