Tesla announced a robot android, he will be able to go to the store

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The most amazing news of the event was the announcement of the Robot-Humanoid Tesla Bot. He will stuff technologies that Tesla already uses in the automotive industry, and externally will resemble a person of medium height, it will weigh about 57 kg and move at a speed of 8 km / h. Instead of his face, he has a black screen on which the desired information will appear. Code name — Optimus.

«Of course, it is designed to be friendly and able to navigate in the world built for people,» said Mask. «We limit it with such a mechanical and physical level so that you can escape from him and most likely to win in a fight.»

The prototype Tesla Bot should appear next year and will take on the implementation of «unsafe, routine and boring affairs», for example, a trip to the shop for shopping.

«For the economy there will be serious consequences. In the future there will be an opportunity to choose, physical work or not, «said businessman. Mask warned that at first Android, most likely, will work with errors and failures, but over time he will be able to learn a lot.

Tesla director Ganesh Venkataramanan presented his own development of the company — Chip for Supercomputer «Dojo» (Dojo). It serves most of the TESLA AI-architecture and trains neural networks, which are then used to update the company’s electric vehicles.

The new chip, called D1, was created on the basis of the 7th-nm technology, has a 362 TFLFS computing power, in the future will be the gold standard of TESLA.

Thus, Mask is going to bypass the problem of global deficiency of microchip, which struck the automotive industry. In addition, its own production will increase throughput and reduce the delay time, which will have a positive effect on the performance of AI systems.

Many speakers at the bottom of the AI said that Dojo would apply not only in the Full Self-Driving system (FSD). Its possibilities are much more, and Tesla hopes to make them universal and open for other automakers and IT companies.

According to the mask, Dojo will start work next year. Then it will become clear what it will be useful.


He called two main problems with whom his team collided: temporary interference (when cars at intersections block the field of view of autopilot) and road signs that the car has already drove some time ago. And told how his engineers decided these difficulties.

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