The experiment proved that physical exertion slows down the development of cancer


It turned out that during the physical stress, the muscles allocate certain proteins that launch anti-cancer activity. In just three months, regular exercises led to a slowdown in the tumor growth in men who participated in the experiment.

Group of Australian Researchers from the University of Edith Kowen

In a 12-week experiment, men with obesity and prostate cancer took part. Before and after the experiment, they handed over blood samples. Scientists analyzed the composition of the blood, and then applied it directly to the sample of prostate cancer cells.

At first, scientists noted the growth of the level of mocaine among all participants. They then demonstrated that blood samples with a high level of mocinos significantly suppressed cancer growth in the sample.

However, mocities do not kill cancer directly. Proteins are combined with other blood cells, as well as signal the immune T cells to attack cancer.

Currently, the team conducts a similar experiment with men at a later stage of prostate cancer. Preliminary results that will be published later turned out to be very promising. «Despite the serious illness and poor well-being, patients can still fight cancer from the inside by their own forces,» Newton said. He believes that the mechanism is applicable to all types of cancer.

Earlier another group of scientists from the USA

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