The first hydrogen aircraft Embraer will rise to the air in 2025


Brazilian aircourtes Embraer published an income report and presented a roadmap for decarbonization of his business for the next 20 years. The company is going to work in three directions — reduce CO2 emissions with new design solutions, use hydrogen as the main source of energy, as well as commercialize EVTOL-devices from 2025. The first aircraft on the hydrogen fuel cells company promises to raise into the air also in 2025.

According to Vice-President Embraer for the design, development of technologies and corporate strategy Luis Carlos Affonso, the company has already achieved certain results in the development of fully electrical apparatus and is ready to proceed to work on hydrogen solutions. Now Embraer is focused on the assessment of technical and economic aspects, as well as on the development of global supply chains for hydrogen fuel cells. In parallel, engineers work on a demonstration prototype. The company believes that the first hydrogen apparatus will be ready for flights in 2025.

Fully electric aircraft and EVTOL devices will be ready for commercialization also by the middle of this decade. For these projects is the subsidiary of EVE URBAN Air Mobility Solutions. EVE is working on Aerotexi since 2019, already conducted demonstration tests and now discusses certification issues with American and European regulators. Moreover, the company has already received a major pre-order for 200 EVTOL-devices from the British operator Halo Aviation — the first half will be operated in the UK, and the second will go to the United States. The start of commercial traffic is scheduled for 2026.

«In Embraer, we are aware of the urgency of the climate crisis and are fully committed to ensuring a more sustainable future,» —

In addition to hydrogen aircraft and electric Aerotexi, Embraer also works on a new turboprop airliner, designed for 70-90 passengers. The supplier is not yet ready to reveal the technical characteristics of the aircraft, but already claims that the new aircraft will reduce the costs of aviation fuel and CO2 emissions at least 20%.

For the last financial quarter of this year, Embraer puts 9 aircraft and 20 business jets to its customers. Net profit in the second quarter reached $ 87.9 million. This is a good result compared to last year, which the company closed with a net loss of $ 89.7 million. Since the beginning of the current year, the cost of Embraer shares increased by 133% — to $ 0.47 per share. . The company predicts that in 2021, its revenue will reach $ 4-4.5 billion. At the same time, the supply of commercial aircraft should grow to 45-50 units, and business jets — up to 90-95 devices.

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