The first tablet from COVID-19 reduces the risks of hospitalization and mortality by 50%


Medication developers from Merck are already preparing documents for obtaining permission from FDA to emergency use. Clinical studies have been completed ahead of time due to impressive results. The medicine will be available in the form of tablets. It must be accepted only five days immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms.

Pharmaceutical company MERCK.

Mounteravir was developed as an antiviral agent against RNA viruses with the main emphasis on the flu, scientists explain. Its testing against COVID-19 showed that therapy disrupts the mechanism of reproduction of the virus genetic material and thereby blocks replication.

In the framework of clinical trials, patients with symptoms of COVID-19 were prescribed melupiorer within five days. In comparison with the placebo group therapy reduced the number of hospitalizations by 50%. Most importantly, none of the volunteers died of infection. In addition, scientists have not recorded side effects from treatment.

Currently, developers are already preparing documents for the FDA to obtain approval for emergency use of melupira. Although the stated price of one course is $ 700 in Merck stated that it will introduce a multi-level pricing system so that the drug is available for both countries with low income.

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