The Information: AR / VR glasses Apple will only work in a pair with iPhone


Apple is limited by the technology of its time, so in the development of the first AR / VR glasses, it is assumed on a third-party computing device.

Insiders argue that Apple has completed work on new chips last year. The developer has created a system on a crystal and two other specialized chips. The main design of the processors is completed and ready for the first tests, and suppliers are waiting for an otmashka to launch production. According to people close to Apple’s manufacturing contractors, none of the collected chip is capable of performing complex calculations and, moreover, run VR and AR applications. At the same time, chips support all current generations of wireless communication, which means that the data processing will be engaged in another gadget from the company’s ecosystem.

Despite the low level of performance, new processors will be manufactured at the current 5-nm technical process. Points will receive a central and graphics processor for basic tasks. The main resources of these chips will be thrown on processing and transmission of images from the Wireless Headset Camera. In past leaks, it was argued that Apple uses «ultra-high resolution» displays — perhaps about 8K for each eye.

According to early leaks, Apple AR / VR glasses will be tested and ready to release not earlier than 2022. At the same time, the company itself can postpone the release of a promising decision and at a later date — leading analysts agree that the points will be presented in 2023. The first generation device will focus on developers and enthusiasts, and its cost will be about $ 3 thousand.

Some industry insiders are also confident that Apple works in parallel immediately over two headsets with supported reality. The first is the device referred to in the reference of the information. The system will compete with the VR headsets of other companies, such as Oculus Quest 2 and HTC VIVE. And the second is Apple Glass Ar-glasses for the consumer market, which will appear a little later. Apple Glass will be noticeably cheaper, less and easier, and their functionality will be comparable to Apple Watch.

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