«The land climate behaves like an athlete on steroids»


The heat that beat all the temperature records in the western part of Canada last month and in Siberia last year was caused by a high rate, not the intensity of global warming, established scientists from Switzerland. This means that in the coming decades, there will be even more dangerous for man bubbles of extreme temperatures.

Until now, studies of the influence of global warming on heat waves mainly reduced to comparing the current level of temperature with a certain reporting period. However, the speed of change is also extremely important, he believed Erich Fisher, a climatologist from the Higher Technical School of Zurich, and his colleagues.

It compares the current state of climate on the planet with high advances. In the usual situation, records are established with difficulty and the bill goes on the fraction of seconds or millimeters. However, it is worth athletes to start taking doping, as their indicators grow sharply and much. «Now the climate behaves like an athlete on steroids,» he said.

The heat that came to British Columbia has reached 49.6 degrees Celsius last month, more than 5 degrees exceeding a record mark of past years. The current warming paces — about 0.2 degrees Celsius for 10 years — will continue at least over the next 10-20 years, regardless of how quickly humanity will be able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, the cause of global warming,

For the current pace of greenhouse gas emissions, the world will continue to heat up, and the average temperature will grow by 3 degrees Celsius by 2100, compared with the pre-industrial period. Temperature records indicate that the earth is heated with an unprecedented speed for human civilization.

That the heat waves will behave not as in the past,

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