The last gasoline car will be sold in Norway in April 2022


The authorities of Norway banned the sale of new cars in the country from the economy from 2025, however, the population, as sales statistics shows, will refuse «dirty» machines much earlier — over the next 7-8 months. The demand for gasoline cars in Norway falls last four years — at the moment 14 of the 15 most popular cars are sold with electric motors. If the trend does not change, the last gasoline car will be sold in Norway in April 2022.

Using the monthly data of the road traffic advice (OFV) C 2017 to September 2021, analysts from the Norwegian Automotive Federation (NAF) came to the conclusion that the expectations of the authorities do not correspond to real sales. The population passes to electric vehicles significantly faster than all forecasts. If during the first eight months of 2017, about 25% of sales accounted for gasoline and diesel cars, then for the same period of this year, their share in the new sold cars fell below 10%. At the same time, the purchasing power of Norwegians has practically not changed and even rose a little — four years ago, 102.8 thousand new cars were sold during this period, and in this — 110.8 thousand cars.

It is important to note that the analysis of the departments includes not only completely electrical models, but also hybrids. However, the advantage is still for electrocarars — on the list of the 15 most popular cars of Norway is only one hybrid — a modified version of Toyota RAV4 Prime. At the same time, the demand for the Japanese model gradually falls due to competition from the new electric vehicles Volkswagen and Mercedes.

«If the line of car sales trend over the past five years will not be broken, the last new gasoline or diesel car in Norway will be sold after seven months — in April 2022. We see the beginning of the end for cars running on fossil fuel, «

At the same time, analysts recognize that the last cars with DVS can be a little lined in the Norwegian market. The report takes into account the entire transport within the country, and therefore electrification should touch not only cars and public transport, but large tractors and construction equipment. Decarbonization of such models can take more time due to limited selection and high cost.

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