The method of treatment of tuberculosis for 4 months has successfully passed all tests.


Therapy has passed all the necessary steps of clinical trials and will soon be approved at the level of recommendations of the World Health Organization. The most important thing is that now patients will have to take antibiotics only four months.

The last forty years of treatment of tuberculosis was not revised: patients need to pass a 6-9 monthly treatment course consisting of a reception of several drugs. Unfortunately, not all people can complete it, which significantly increases the risks of development of resistance to treatment. The same problem arises in the opposite case when the course of treatment is too long and bacteria have time to study the mechanism of operation of the antibiotic and defeat it. In this case, therapy lasts at least 18 months.

Scientists from the Medical University of South Carolina, led by the author of the study of Susan Dorman, solved this problem for 15 years. Finally, their work was crowned with success.

The study was attended by 2234 patients with the active form of tubkelez, including people with HIV. Scientists tested two four-month course schemes (rifapenetin and moxifloxacin) and standard six-month therapy. They focused on Rifapentina, because it looks like an antibiotic from the standard treatment protocol, however, it remains effective in the body a longer period of time. The effect of treatment was rated after 12 months.

It is known that the HIV and tuberculosis combination is particularly dangerous, since HIV attacks the immune cells necessary to combat tuberculosis bacteria.

Dorman and her team hoped that these evidence would change the current situation with the treatment of tuberculosis first in the United States, and then around the world. According to them, changes in the treatment guide can be made over the next twelve months.

Meanwhile, the team does not intend to stop and continues to look for ways of even greater optimization of therapy. «Four months it is still too long, so we will continue to work on improving tuberculosis therapy,» Dorman concluded.

It is known that the resistant forms of tuberculosis are forced by some patients for 1.5 years and more to take large dosages of antibiotics. Recently German scientists

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