The new drug reduces the viral load of three SARS-COV-2 strains by 99%


Currently, the drug Masitinib, which, as it turned out, is 99% suppresses the replication of alpha, beta and gamma strains of SARS-COV-2, used in veterinary medicine for the treatment of cancer in dogs. The drug has already proven security for a person, but not yet approved for clinical use. Scientists cooperate with the drug developer by AB SCIENCE to speed up the process of coordination against COVID-19.

Team from Chicago University

«The effectiveness against SARS-COV-2 variants is explained by the fact that it is aimed at suppressing the virus replication. In addition, it binds to protease, and not with the surface of the virus, «the scientists explained.

The team has already started working with the French pharmaceutical company AB Science in order to further strengthen the antiviral properties of Masitinib. Then they intend to study the drug in clinical trials and, if successful, start using it for COVID-19 therapy.

«Masitinib can become an effective antiviral agent. Considering that this is not the first and not the last outbreak of coronavirus, new treatment options besides vaccines are very in demand, «the co-author of the work of Nir Dreiman.

It is not yet clear whether the effect of Masitinib will continue against the SARS-COV-2 strain delta — the most infectious option is currently. Published in Nature Research

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