The QUARTERHORSE hypersonic aircraft project received US Air Force

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US Air Force (USAF) will allocate an aerospace startup of Hermeus $ 60 million on the development, design and testing of the QuarterHorse supersonic aircraft. Hermeus is going to create a new type of air transport — startup devices will accelerate to 5 moving (6 thousand km / h) and fly to 7.4 thousand km without refueling. In the long run, QuarterHorse aircraft will be used both in the military and in the commercial sectors.


The first flight tests of the reduced version of Quarterhorse are scheduled for 2023 — by this time the startup must provide overclocking up to 5 moving. Then Hermeus moves to the construction of a full-sized prototype, which will be launched in 2025. When this stage is passed, the company will be certified by its technologies and the beginning of the serial production of its machines. The estimated date of launch of the first passenger flights is 2029.

«Although this partnership with the United States Air Force emphasizes the interest of the US Department of Defense to hypersonic aircraft, combined with the Hermeus partnership with NASA, announced in February 2021, it becomes clear that what we create, has both commercial and defense use,», — The co-founder and CEO of Hermeus Hey Jay Pipka said.

In addition to direct investment, the startup will also access the US Air Force Research Laboratory and support from leading military engineers.

At the end of last year, Hermeus attracted $ 16 million. Financing in the Round of the A series, which was headed by the Canaan Partners Venture Foundation. Startup is also supported by investors from Ventures, Bling Capital, The Rise of The Rest Seed Fund and the US government. In addition, in October 2020, Hermeus won a contract for the development of the Air Force One reactive aircraft — if engineers can implement an ambitious concept, startup aircraft will appear in the US Presidential Park.

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