The technology of wireless power transmission is shown at a distance of 300 meters

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Wireless electricity transmission does not give rest to scientists from the times of Nikola Tesla, but so far this idea has not been able to implement an effective and economically favorable way. Ericsson and Powerlight Technologies demonstrated the operation of the optical beam method, using a laser for transmitting energy from 300 meters to a portable base station 5G. Developers claim to be able to transfer 1 kW power to a distance of 1 kilometer.

Powerlight, the developer of the technology of wireless electricity transmission over long distances, conducted tests of a prototype of its station in partnership with Ericsson telecommunications company. The prototype consists of two parts that can be in hundreds of meters from each other.

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High intente laser beam hitting hundreds of meters is unsafe, so PowerLight engineers have provided precautions. The beam itself is surrounded by a wider «cylinder» from sensors that react to approach to the beam of any object and disconnect the laser for milliseconds. This happens so quickly that fluttering birds do not interfere with the operation of the device. However, in case of more prolonged interference, there is a backup battery,

Wireless power stations 5G will allow you to temporarily place them in places where the need for mobile communication is expected: for festivals and other mass events, or during natural disasters and disasters. In addition, there is potential and in the transport industry, and even in astronautics.

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