The tests of the electric motor for passenger aviation with a capacity of 2 MW began

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Like ground transport, aviation hopes to become electric, but the electromotor for the aircraft is much more complicated than for the car. With the help of its 2 megawatt engines, the Wright startup plans to electrify the main category of aviation — spacious passenger airliners. Moreover, both the models of past decades and new, designed from pure sheet.

The development of electrical aviation is constrained by the fundamental problem of batteries, too heavy so that passenger or cargo flights can be considered effective. In order to overcome this obstacle, you should either reduce the bulk of the battery — and this is a long process — either to go to another way and develop innovative materials, fuselage and, of course, the engine.

The electric motors are generally easier, easier and more reliable in DVS, but for aircraft needs they must be high-performance. That is, generate more traction from the same volume of energy. The engine created by the Wright startup is a 2 MW motor motor, an outstanding equivalent of 2700 liters. with. With efficiency about 10 kW / kg.

Reduced mass — the result of complete reflashing of the motor and using a permanent magnet technology with a «aggressive temperature strategy» explained by Engerler. Higher voltage than usual, and the corresponding insulation system ensure the achievement of power and efficiency to the flight.

Wright develops a motor suitable for equipping old aircraft models, as well as in parallel, designs a plane with a new fuselage,

It is assumed that on each wing of such an aircraft there will be several Wright motors. First, so safer, secondly, the flight stability increases and noise is reduced. Motors can be configured separately to reduce vibration and counteract turbulence.

Now the experimental samples of Wright motors are already tested over the sea, then the turn of the altitude chamber will come, after which they are tested in real flight conditions at an altitude of 1200 meters.

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